Ancestral Lights was born out of several years of gathering information on the importance of light - and dark! - for optimal health. The overwhelming amount of research tying light at night to increased cancer, depression, obesity, anxiety, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease demands a serious and immediate solution.

All of the research studies in the world don't mean anything if the information is not brought to the public's awareness. And public awareness is useless without applicable solutions. Ancestral Lights brings this together by explaining both the science and the solutions.

We are at a tipping point. With an abundance of resources and giant leaps in scientific knowledge, why are we having an epidemic of chronic health problems that is creating a crushing economic burden? I think it is the fundamental shift in light.

About the Founder, Debbie Moon:

Let me introduce myself...  Bringing together an educational background of Civil and Environmental Engineering along with graduate work towards a Master's in Biological Sciences, I am passionate about optimizing health through applying current scientific research.

I'm also the founder of Genetic Lifehacks. Through looking at the genes involved in chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and depression, I noticed that a lot of the genes overlap in the realm of circadian function. Why would a genetic variant that causes a change in circadian rhythm lead to increased susceptibility of depression – and why has the number of people with depression risen so rapidly? It all comes together with the huge environmental shift from increased light - specifically blue light from LEDs and CFL's - at night along with the societal shift towards more office jobs, thus limiting sunlight exposure during the day.

Seeing the problem and making the connections, I have a driving passion to spread the word and help people find solutions!