Once you realize that there are a bunch of health consequences connected to artificial light at night, you may be wondering what to do about your own outdoor lighting.  First and foremost, consider switching to a lower watt, red-tinted bulb for any outdoor lights that you leave on very often. Not only does it help out your neighbor's who can't sleep because of that really bright spotlight on your garage (yes, neighbor across the street, I'm pointing at you right now!), but it also will help out the wildlife. Yep, light at night is having terrible effects not only on people, but on the rest of the critters as well.

When you have friends and family over for an evening, outdoor lighting should be fun and friendly to your circadian rhythm.  Here are a bunch of project ideas to get you started...

Paper-bag lanterns:

Paper-bag lantern lights using red, yellow, and orange bags.  This great idea comes from Martha Stewart's website with full instructions.

Red, orange, and yellow paper-bags for party lights. Instructions.

Hanging Jar Lanterns:

What a cute idea to brighten up your deck, and a great way to recycle jars that you've been saving under the sink :-)  Get the full instructions on Crafty Nest.

Full instructions on the Crafty Nest website.

Mason Jar Candle Holders

These cute decoupaged candle holders would make a great evening table centerpiece.  Or place them on a wide porch railing to light up the deck.

Complete instructions for Mason Jar Candle Holders on Bubbly and Bean

Tin Can Lanterns

Go old-school and create lanterns out of tin cans.  This is also a fun project to do with older kids. Instructions on Elise Engh Studios website.

Full instructions on Elise Engh Studios.

Sun Jars

Here is a great, quick tutorial on making sun jars using inexpensive solar lights, jars with clear glass tops, tissue paper, and modge podge.  

Tutorial on making sun jars with a warm, soft glow.