The easiest way to block out artificial blue light at night is to simply don a pair of blue blocking glasses.  

Simple. Until you go to buy them and realize there are lots of choices and options and several completely different lenses that are called blue blocking lenses.

Let me break it down for you:

First, you need to find a pair of glasses that blocks 100% of blue light. These are what you will wear for a couple of hours before bed, letting melatonin levels rise and keeping your circadian rhythm on track. You may see computer glasses labeled as blue blocking glasses, but they are for daytime use and only block 10 - 20% of blue light. (Still a good idea if you work on a computer all day since they help relieve eye strain.... but not what we are talking about here.)

With blue blocking glasses the 480 nm section should look green-ish.

What you are looking for are glasses with amber or orange lenses. Like pretty much anything these days, you can find cheap options and expensive options.  

Next, it is a matter of budget and personal taste for choosing the right pair.

Here are a few options on Amazon:

Inexpensive (really!) blue blocker glasses from Uvex.  Pros: They filter 100% of blue light and wrap around to block light on the edges. Cons: They look pretty dorky.

Here is a mid-priced option that filter out 99.5% of blue light. Better looking and more comfortable than the Uvex glasses, but also more expensive. They are available as reading glasses as well.

Made by Swanwick Sleep, Swannies were one of the first blue blocking glasses on the market. They are a little more expensive, but they are also a higher quality option.  

Looking for blue-light blocking glasses for your kids?  Here are several great options for kids with lots of color choices!  They block 99% of blue light and are just the right size for your younger ones.

One more option that is inexpensive and a different looking style than those above is this pair that blocks 97% of blue light.  

Already wear glasses?  They make blue blockers to fit over your glasses.  This is a good option for using with reading glasses as well.

I hope this gets you started with wearing blue light blocking glasses before bed. Give it at least a week of consistently wearing the glasses, and then you should really start to notice the benefits for sleep quality.