For eons, the cue that it was time to get up in the morning was the rising of the sun. Fast forward to now and we have the blaring of an alarm to pry us out of bed.  

Before I go into the option for waking up more gently with a dawn simulating alarm clock, let me note that since I've been blocking blue light at night (read about why!) with blue-blocking glasses I rarely ever need an alarm clock...

There are some cool options available now for alarm clocks that gradually brighten up your room in the morning, most are coupled with an alarm that will beep or turn on the radio.

Philips Wake-up Light gradually begins to lighten your room for 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.  The alarm features a bird song that gradually gets louder and also has a snooze control.  There are ten different light intensity modes that you can set as well.

MOSCHE 2018 Sunrise Alarm allows you to set the color, has a snooze function, and also has a nature sounds mode if you want to wake to nature sounds.  

The LBell wakeup alarm is the least expensive option with many of the features of the clocks above.

Don't want to buy a new alarm clock? Try a dimmable blue-tooth enabled light bulb for your bedroom lamp. This Smart LED bulb is controllable via a phone app and can be set to come on in the morning.  I have a friend with this bulb, and she loves that she can set it up to give off red light in the evenings and then also use it to wake up in the morning.  The app is fairly simple to use and you can program in the timing.


Hopefully this will get you inspired to create some circadian friendly lighting in your own home and wake up gently each morning.  

After you get up, I would encourage you to head outside for a bit to get some sunlight. This will stop your melatonin production and reset your circadian rhythm for the day.  So take that cup of coffee out on the porch and enjoy the morning light.